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Regulus Red is an international artist with strong cultural influences.

With the LGBT community right by his side and with Edith Piaf in his heart, he embodies equal measures of femininity and masculinity, and knows that we should all have a good dose of self worth, as we’re certainly all equal in every possible way.

Regulus Red channels extravagant and fiery artistic willpower and always identified as a reckless daydreamer:


If there is one thing that I’ve been quick to notice about Regulus Red, it is that there are no rules, or if they even once existed, Red will hold no reservations about re-writing them. Coming under this umbrella of throwing aside the rulebook is the crushing of gender stereotypes. Regulus is courageous to live as his authentic self and appears as a beacon of aspiration to everyone, who similarly fight for freedom of expression.

EQ MusicBlog

Emerging queer-pop star Regulus Red is a firecracker in more ways than one. The singer fuses nostalgia with the name of his favourite colour, a hue associated with blood, love and sensuality. Combining this with his bright ginger hair, you then have a total triple threat on your hands.

Wonderland Magazine

International artist Regulus Red is breaking through the music industry to showcase his prominent cultural variations.

His music is powerful and spirited, filled with a sense of life.


This is certainly one of the most interesting vibes we’ve heard recently. If Regulus Red’s background in acting and dancing is anything to go by, there’s no shortage of artistic outlets for him to draw from going forward.

Fortitude Magazine

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